The Surveillance Council will comprise Sébastien Bazin, president of the Surveillance Council, Christophe Chenut, Patrice Clerc, Frédéric Favreau, Marie-Luce Geahchan, Guillaume Kupperfils, Serge Platonow and Patrick Sayer. The members of the Administrative Council retain their functions within the Surveillance Council.

Once the new Surveillance Coucil was established, it proceeded to name Robin Leproux as president of the Board, Philippe Boindrieux as vice-president of the Board and Alain Roche as Board member.

Sébastien Bazin declared: “As planned, Robin Leproux takes of the presidency of the Club with a new-look Board. Since his arrival at the Club, we have established a relationship based on confidence and I know he can count on the professionalism and dedication of Philippe Boindrieux and Alain Roche. I would also like to note the arrival of Patrice Clerc to the Surveillance Council and thank all those members who accepted to continue in their roles at the Club. We have big ambitions for Paris Saint-Germain and everyone within the Club is set on meeting the goals we have set.”