Mateja, you are finally at PSG...
“I’m really delighted to be here. It’s a childhood dream to play for PSG. I’ve followed this club for years because of the brilliant players that have played here, such as Rai, Okocha and Ronaldinho. It’s a huge club, which is why I’ve made such an effort to make sure the transfer went through. I hope to help the team win a lot of trophies, score a lot of goals and play in the Champions League next year.”

What do you know about PSG this season?
“I know a fair bit actually, because I watched the two games against Monaco and Bordeaux. I also know a lot of the players. Either I’ve played against them, or I’ve played with them. I played with Claude Makelele at Chelsea and I’m really happy to meet him again here. I think the team has real potential and I’ll try to bring my qualities, my experience and my temperament to help the team reach the heights.”

You’ve already played at the Parc des Princes, what do you remember of that experience?
“I’ve played once at the Parc des Princes with Chelsea and we beat Paris. I played well and the atmosphere was amazing. Everywhere I’ve played, I’ve always got on well with the supporters because I’m a ‘battler’ on the field. I think it will be the same at the Parc des Princes and I’ll do everything I can to help the team. I’m sure that everything will go well.”

How do you analyse your last two seasons?
“I think the past is the past and you don’t need to go over it. I’ve got a new president, a new direction and the coach has shown all his qualities. For me, it’s a new start, and new project and I hope I don’t disappoint.”

Can you tell us where your nickname ‘Batman’ comes from?
“It comes from a bit of marketing from when I played for PSV Eindhoven. In a TV advertisement, they put the music from the film and made the connection between Kezman and Batman. The fans took to it immediately so it stayed. It’s pretty funny, but I like it.”

Charles Villeneuve:
“I’d like to welcome Mateja Kezman, who has arrived from Fenerbahçe. Having already played for Partizan Blegrade, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and PSV Eindhoven, this 29-year-old attacker has signed for PSG. One of the main characteristics of Mateja Kezman is, like Ludovic Giuly and Claude Makelele, that he showed a real desire to come and play for PSG. He had the choice between two other clubs: Zenit Saint Petersburg and Panathinaikos, but he showed his preference by accepting our offer. The negotiations with Mateja Kezman were very easy. They were harder with his former employer.”

Paul Le Guen:
“I’m happy to welcome Mateja and I hope he quickly feels at home here. I will do everything I can to ensure that is the case. I will also do everything I can as a coach to bring the best out of him for PSG. I really hope he performs well and like always, I’m over the moon to welcome another great player to the club.”