Thiago, the season has been marked by Edinson Cavani's goals. Were you surprised by his performances?
"Edi has always been clinical, even when he played out wide, he performed well. He has scored a lot, around 30 goals each season. He has now got back to his post as centre-forward. He did his work well. It's good for him...and for us. This season, he scored 49 goals. That's a lot, but it's not surprising. We know him well. He's a very good player. He makes a lot of runs in behind opponents, goes looking for space, which creates a lot of space in midfield because the defenders follow him. He also helps the team a lot defensively."

Which match made the biggest impression on you?
"The first leg against Barcelona. The team was fantastic, close to perfection. Beat a team like Barcelona, at home, 4-0...That doesn't happen every day. We created a lot of chances and we also gave them very few, a team that normally scores a lot. At the Parc des Princes, they almost didn't get a shot on goal."

Paris Saint-Germain finished the season by winning the Coupe de France...
"It was important. After missing out on the league title, the win helped us finish the season well. It was a final. Every player who plays at Paris Saint-Germain has to understand that there is daily pressure and that winning is an obligation. Winning that final was an obligation because, on paper, we were the better side. But having said that, football is played on a pitch, 11 against 11."