The visit from the two players was an enchanting moment for the 20 kids aged between seven and 11 who had a chance to talk to their idols. Having Sabrina Delannoy and Benoît Kounkoud there was particularly symbolic as, for their daily activities, the kids always divide into two groups bearing the respective names of the athletes.

Following these conversations, the kids began the days' activities - on the theme of sensitivity with handicaps - under the watchful gaze of the Club's two professional sportspeople. "As soon as we arrived, we were warmly welcomed," smiled Benoît Kounkoud. "The kids were happy to see us, and we were stoked to spend have a moment with them. The two groups bear our names, so they know a bit about us and meeting us is a real treat for them. It reminded me that it wasn't that long ago that I was watching sportspeople on the television! The Foundation teaches values through their excellent educators. I hope that the project continues to develop all over the place."

"Just now, it was a surprise for the kids to see us; it was a really touching moment," recounted Sabrina Delannoy. "They had heaps of questions for us and they made the most of their opportunity. They're full of beans and that's really heart-warming to see. After spending a bit of time with them, I get the feeling that they're very spirited and that they learn a lot every day while still having fun. I hope that this Red & BLUE School project can continue being developed in the future. At the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, they try to bring the different elements together - the handballers an the footballers. It's enriching for everyone." The Paris Saint-Germain Foundation's RED & BLUE School opened its doors in Paris' XIXth arrondissement in January 2016 and now welcomes a total of 60 kids, half of whom are girls. This 'after-school' programme was conceived and executed by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, in partnership with Paris City Hall.

For this second promotion, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation enlarged its scope of action. The School now welcomes kids from grades 2-5 from four schools in the area, operating two two-hour sessions per week with specially qualified educators. Implanted into a working-class neighbourhood, the RED & BLUE School has the mission of giving kids confidence in themselves and the will to learn. To reach that aim, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation has developed innovative pedagogical content that blends sporting and academic pursuits. The RED & BLUE School's programme operates under the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO.

"Our objective for these kids is at once simple and ambitious: we want to facilitate the acquisition of fundamentals like literacy, writing and numeracy and bring sport into their lives as an important building block," explained Christine Le Gal, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation's Director. "We hope to provide a turning point at an important stage in their lives. Visits from our players, particularly Sabrina Delannoy and Benoit Kounkoud, is the added value that we bring to this programme. They have plenty of advice for our youngsters; they are a real source of inspiration for the kids."