Kevin, we begin with a record. In the last match of the Ligue 1 season, against Caen, you stopped a penalty from Ronny Rodelin. That's the third penalty out of five that you've stopped in the league since your arrival. Unheard of!
"Well if that swings in my favour then great. There are several important aspects to penalties. It's about preparation and confidence. It's part of the work we do in the week leading up to a match. What's more, each time I saved a penalty, it was at an important moment. Against Caen, we were 1-0 up and it could have changed the outcome of the match. It was super-important for Caen as they were flirting with relegation. For me, it was important to save it, but it was tough for Rodelin, as it could have sent them down to Ligue 2. But in the end he scored the equaliser in open play and I'm happy for him - he helped his team to save their skins, even though I never like to concede a goal."

Among the goals score by Paris this season, its there one that stands out for you?
"If we're talking about goals, the instantly I think of 'Edi' [Cavani]. He scored a ton of goal - 49 in 50 matches. It's also due to the work of the whole team as, every time he scored, there was an assist from a teammate. That shows that we made progress throughout the season. If I had to pick one goal, I would pick his back-heel flick against Bordeaux. It was a superb goal and what's more, it was scored with his left foot."

This year you regularly had chances to connect with the fans. Is that important in big matches?
"If you have an atmosphere in you stadium like the one we had at the Parc des Princes this season, it always gives you that little bit extra. When you have this 12th man behind you, it's extraordinary. At home, or even when we beat Marseille on the road and they welcomed us at the airport as we returned to Paris… it shows that we have some fantastic supporters here in Paris and they're always there for us, supporting us the whole time."

Speaking of Marseille… you won 5-1 at the Vélodrome. Paris' biggest-ever win at their home ground…
"Matches against Marseille are always a bit special - and especially when we play there, there is a special atmosphere. The 5-1 scoreline was cut and dried. We played a perfect match against a side who were full of confidence at the time. We scored early and that showed our desire to win. I think it was one of our best matches of the season."

Paris end the season with both the national cups under the belt. That was one of your objectives…
"We had our hearts set on beating Monaco in the Coupe de la Ligue final. We were in direct competition with them all season long and they were on a positive dynamic. That set us up for a high-level match and the 4-1 result was also to show that we were still to be reckoned with. It was very important to win that trophy. Then, in the Coupe de France, the campaign was long. We played a few times on really poor surfaces against sides who were contesting the biggest match of their season… and that's also what makes the cup so interesting. It's a prestigious trophy and winning it was important for us in terms of ending the season well."