Shirley, how are you preparing for the two impending finals against Lyon, in the Coupe de France and the Champions League?
"We're highly motivated. We need to bounce back after the defeat we suffered at the Parc OL on Saturday. We'll fix what wasn't working. We're focused on the two finals. We don't want to end the season empty-handed so we need to go out there and claim a title. We have a first final to play on Friday and we're highly motivated."

You have won a lot of titles in your career, notably with Lyon. Does this experience hold you in good stead in decisive moments?
"My time with Lyon was a different era; now I'm with Paris and we're ready. We need to use the match from the weekend to motivate us even more; we need to show them that we can't be counted out. We're not in the final by accident."

How do you feel about the season you've had?
"We need to wait until the finals have been played before drawing any conclusions. The league season is over; Lyon are champions. Now we have two finals to play. If we can manage to win at least one title, that will be important. The season has been long and complicated, but if we can win a title, that will be positive."

It seems that the team's mentality has evolved this season…
"The arrival of the new coaching staff brought with it a new way working of working. Patrice (Lair) is who doesn't let us rest on our laurels. Even when we have a bad match, he finds a way to get us motivated again the next day and that helps us to grow. We have a small squad but he knows how to get the best out of us. That's important, as we will have to really stick together if we're to go out there and win a title."