Therefore, the CFCB (UEFA Club Financial Control Body) has announced the end of Paris Saint-Germain's probation period established under the Settlement Agreement, signed between Paris Saint-Germain and UEFA in 2014.

This decision confirms that the French Club has successfully fulfilled 100% of the objectives set by the sports European governing body with regards to Financial Fair Play.

In 2014, the Parisian Club, along with several other European clubs, decided to sign the 'Settlement Agreement' with the CFCB rather than contest UEFA's FFP policy. Thanks to a strong increase in revenue and limiting spending, Paris Saint-Germain reached the objectives established by the CFCB one year early. The Club saw all CFCB sanctions lifted for the 2015-16 season, a full season earlier than stipulated in the agreement between the two parties.

In the future, the Club will continue to adhere, as it has always done, to the financial regulations established by the national and European governing bodies.