"Marco (Verratti) and Blaise (Matuidi) will not be in the squad. They need to rest. We managed to play Blaise in the Champions League, but we won't be taking any more risks."

"It's important to go to Troyes and confirm our good form after qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. We are heading there with the aim of winning and, like always, with the utmost respect for our opponents. I hope that the players have recovered, both physically and mentally, from Wednesday night. Even if the match is at an unusual time for us to play, I hope the players will be ready and that we win the title. Winning the league away from home? You always have to try and win, we are competitors. We leave all that other stuff to you, the journalists. We competitors and all we look to do is win."

"Paris has played its own championship. A lot of other teams have struggled to go with us, but two matches against Paris only equals six points, so the others have lost other points along the way. I hope we can win the league with eight games left to play. It will be very hard to better in the future. We'll try to win tomorrow, and if we do, it we will be able to say that we've done a really great job. I think it will be great to be crowned tomorrow because we reach our objective with eight games left to play. It will allow us to calmly prepare for the rest of the season."

"We have one Cup final to play, and hopefully a second and there is still the Champions League, so the season is a long way from over. We have maintained our concentration and our determination to pick up points throughout the campaign. Last season we had to step on the accelerator at the end of the term to win the title. This time, we have maintained the pace the whole time, while others struggled."

"We did everything we could to get Marco ready for the Chelsea game. His injury is not a serious one, but it's one that needs rest. We will do everything to ensure he can play for us and the Italian national team. This isn't the first time he's suffered from this problem. This time it is a chronic problem that needs rest and treatment. A lot of players have suffered this type of injury and it always clears up."