"I don't think we have to think about what happened in the last two matches played here. Every game has its own story. We have our own ambitions and we want to qualify, but it's the same for Chelsea. I think it will be a very difficult match, more difficult than last season. If we have done it once, we can do it again. At kick-off, Paris Saint-Germain are qualified. We want to impose our footall. It's a big challenge for Paris."

"Cheslea have several players that love to get forward and attack quickly, quick players such as Willian and Hazard. They can be very dangerous. We have to keep an eye on them. Diego Costa is a very good player that I really like."

"It's also in the way other clubs look at us, that we can see how the club has evolved. It's a very young project. Paris Saint-Germain is growing in notoriety. Paris are taken very seriously in Europe and we are one of the teams capable of winning the Champions League. The club has come a long way in a few years."

"Can he play? We have to see if he can train. I can't answer that yet. He is not sure to be available on Wednesday. We will know more after training on Tuesday, and maybe even on Wednesday morning. Marco is an important player for us. We have to wait and see. We hope he will be available."