Almost three weeks after the match, what do you make of the 2-1 win from the first leg against Chelsea?
"It was an important win. We played a good match at home, but the job isn't finished yet, on the contrary. Two goals to one is a complicated result. We'll have to go to London with the intention of scoring but I'm persuaded that if we can play as we did in the first leg, we can qualify for the quarters."

Do you have any regrets from the first leg?
"Even if we had the chances to score more goals, what bothers us the most is having conceded just before half-time. We know all about the away-goals rule in the Champions League, which can make things tougher for us, but that's football. We committed one error and we were punished. And afterwards, we failed to score a third goal. That's why this return leg is all set to be a very open match. I repeat, we will have to score over there and be very tight in defence."

Will the away goal change how you approach the return leg?
"I don't think so. We shouldn't change the way we play. I think we need to do the same thing we did at the Parc, which is to say we should look to score and take control of the ball. That's how the way we know how to play."

For the Blues, your compatriot Willian got forward a lot in the first leg. Is he the player to watch?
"Of course! In my opinion he's Chelsea's best player right now. He's really very strong. We'll need to watch out for him, but he isn't the only player capable of making the difference. I'm thinking of (Eden)Hazard or Pedro… They're great players. We'll need to watch out for everyone."

Do you think your side are more experienced now, two years after being knocked pout of the quarters by Chelsea?
"Yes! Everyone has gained in experience. That's the case at the end of every season. The squad hasn't changed much from transfer window to transfer window, and that's allowed the players to get to know each other better and better. It's very important for the team's balance, and thanks to that, we've become much stronger. I think that this year we’re ready to go even further in the Champions League. That's our objective."