"Marco (Verratti) is still a bit short of fitness and will be unavailable against Saint-Etienne on Wednesday. But he's well on the way to recovery. Nicolas (Douchez) is ill and he won't be in the squad either. Angel (Di Maria) isn't far off a return to action but I'm still not sure whether he will be in the squad. As for Javier (Pastore), he is doing well and just needs to find his rhythm. The best way to do that is by playing."

"He has a pretty bad time with the Brazil national team; he was under a lot of pressure. But it's important for me to keep faith in him. He has worked hard on himself and has returned to his very best after a tough time. Which is great for us - we're making the most of it. He can still get even better and his potential is enormous. We cannot do without a player like him."

"I could see that Lyon were the better side. They played a very good match and they defended very compactly. We made a lot less effort than usual; we were less aggressive. Our game was weak, we didn't get back to defend and our attacks didn't come together. Now my team need to rediscover their game, their spirit and their motivation."

"When you're at Paris Saint-Germain, you play every match with the will to win, while also having respect for our opponents. Here are the club's objectives this season: win the league; win at least one of the domestic cups and go as far as we can in Europe. So we'll be going to Saint-Etienne looking to win through to the next round."

"It bears some consideration. Gregory (van der Wiel) is a specialist in that position and he is a very good crosser of the ball when we have it. Marquinhos has a more defensive profile, which is important if we're not pushing high up the pitch. Perhaps there will be a surprise… I could also field little Alec (Georgen) from the reserves. He's training with us today. You'll see!"