"We played a good game in the first leg and controlled the game. We conceded that goal just before half-time, but in the end, we didn't suffer too much. We are expecting a very tough game in London. We need to go there looking to impose our style on the match, like we did last season. We need to control the football and make them run. Since the start of the season, we have been training every day to be 100% for the big day. Today, it's in the balance, 50-50. We know it will be tough, but we will do everything to qualify!"

"I have always said in football, we win and we lose as a team, we attack and we defend as a team. There are teams that rely on individual brilliance to win matches, but I think it's much harder to play like that. But everyone has their own mentality and way of seeing the game. For me, a side that plays good team football is better to watch, but also to play in."

"They need to be open and have the humbleness to continue learning each and every day, to keep improving both physically and mentally. Paris is a big club and it's not easy to play here. I try to help them. Personally, I'm still learning things every day from every player, including the youngsters."

"I think it's possible if we stay focused on each individual match. Next week we have a huge match against Saint-Etienne and we'll do what we can to continue our run in the Coupe de France, to defend our title."

"Lyon are a good side. We have four times against them this season, but every match is different. They need the points and will do everything to win in front of their fans. We will be heading there to play our football and win."