"Javier has a small groin problem. Unfortunately, he has had niggling injury after niggling injury. As usual, it's not very serious, but I don't think he will be available to be a part of the squad to take on Reims. We hope to have him back next week, if his injuries subside. We hope he'll be able to train normally and be available for the next match, against Lyon. Right now he's the only player who is unavailable."

"We prepare for every match looking for the win. It's the same thing for Saturday's match, with no disrespect to Reims. We're not second-guessing ourselves. We have to win matches. It's the best preparation for the big matches that are coming up. Having game time, playing, winning… that's the most important thing. We mustn't focus on the date of when the title is won. We’re not yet champions, but when that becomes the case, we'll be very happy."

"The goal he scored against Chelsea will do him good as he has been in a bit of a confidence crisis as a striker. Scoring a super-important goal will do him good, and that's positive in light of the matches we have coming up. It injects a bit of competition into the squad, notably between him and Lucas. That will push the players to outdo themselves. My aim is to give confidence to all my players."

"Marco is doing very well. That's really good news. He really blew me away against Chelsea, as playing a Champions League match, at such a high level, is never easy. Having the match he had is a huge performance. He feels really well, but we're still thinking about whether to include him in the side to take on Reims. But I don't think playing is a bad thing; it will help him find his rhythm. When you haven’t been playing much, the only way to get better is to play matches. Before Chelsea, we have matches against Reims, Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Montpellier. If he continues to do well, we won't hesitate to play him. In any case I hope the Italy coach will have the same thoughts as us, so he can be in good shape in June."

"The club will take a decision, not the coach. I will certainly have a conversation with him, but everyone will have to respect the decision made by the club. After that is handed down, we'll know whether we can count on him for the remainder of the season."