"I won't change my starting XI as a function of whether John Terry is playing or not. We have to impose our game against a team who are tough to play, who can beat us. The two teams are evenly matched. The coach (Guus Hiddink) has a lot od experience in the Champions League. He has brought calm and serenity to the club. They're getting back to form and they're building in confidence. It will be delicate, tight, aggressive… Our intention is to impose our game. Our players are getting to know each other better and better, and some players who have won the Champions League with other clubs have joined us. We're boxing in a weight class that's very unusual for a French team. That's where Paris Saint-Germain need to prove that progress is being made. I think Paris' reputation as a powerful team is growing overseas. That proves that we're on the right track."

"In my team, I have two uncertainties: right-back and one other position. Has my team been distracted? Yes, we didn't think we would find ourselves in a situation like this. But I have practically my whole squad to choose from. Physically, our hands were pretty much tied, as we had to play against Lille. So we'll play this match without exhaustive preparations, without all the tactical work I would like to have done for such a big match. But Chelsea are in the same boat."

"I took it very badly. I think everyone can have their opinion but, two years ago, I really went to bat with my directors to bring Serge to the club. And that's the thanks I get. I think it's pathetic. I won't say any more because we're just a day out from a very important match. He has penalized himself. He should have been preparing for a Champions League last-16  tie. What I'm not admitting is that it penalises the club as well. He will have to accept the consequences for himself, but he has also hurt the club by saying what he said. There are lots of people in this yonger generation who spend all their time apologizing for things. Perhaps they would be better off thinking about what they're saying before finding themselves in the position of having to apologise."

"I love this player and the way he goes about his game. He's still young but he has a very mature game. He always lives up to his responsibilities. He wants to play and enjoy himself. You can feel it, and everyone else can too. It's great to see him extend his contract. Will he start on Tuesday? There are some things to take into consideration. Marco has taken good care of himself for the last two weeks, but he is still short of match fitness. He has no more pain, and that's very important. So we'll see. He doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs, which is understandable. But he will participate in the match. Will he start the match or finish it? That's the question…"

Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain midfielder)
"We're heading into this match with a lot of confidence; actually, the conditions are ideal. We can concentrate on this match thanks to the big lead we have in the league. The tie is played over two matches. Tuesday will be very important, but not decisive. We're not thinking about what comes afterwards; we're focused on Chelsea. We've been preparing for this match for a long time. Chelsea will be out to save their season. We know it will be difficult, as they have some great players. My contract extension? I'm very happy! The club has shown its faith in me and in the whole team. We're all together in this project."