Coach, do you see this contract as recognition of what you've accomplished over the last two and a half years, or rather a new mission being offered to you?
"Quite simply, we need to look to the future, that's the way I see it. Of course, it's a strong show of faith, and I'm very happy, also for my staff. A coach is nothing without his staff. For us, continuing the adventure is a show of faith but also a big responsibility. The club has ambitions both nationally and in Europe, and we'll do all we can to reach those objectives. We'll get there; we're ready. We're aware that we're at a big club where expectations are very high. But with the experience we're accumulated over the last three years, we can do even better than we have done. I have a coaching staff who have allowed me to really dig in in this job, to bring something to this team and these players, and that wasn't easy. But we got there. But nothing is ever over in this sport; there's always the next match. And that's how it should be! We're very demanding with the players, as they are with us. We're capable of doing some great things, of doing even better, especially in Europe. But being able to work with the faith of the directors will allow us to go even further. Thanks to the club and the president. We'll give our all."

How would you describe your relationship with Paris Saint-Germain?
"First of all, it's a relationship that is beginning to be long-term. This job is not an easy one, any coach will tell you that. I've been here for three years already, and that's quite a long time - the average is much shorter. I have the renewed faith of the directors for another two years… it's the first time that faith has been shown in me over such a long period. I hope I can live up to it."

At the end of the season, you will have become Paris Saint-Germain's second-longest serving coach…
"The tough thing is to become number one!"

How do you find your team's motivation levels when they have a 24-point lead atop the table?
"When you’re a coach, you need to be a winner, a competitor. The lads who have been at Paris Saint-Germain for a few years are winners, conquerors - we've proved it out on the pitch. There's still one competition that  has eluded us - the Champions League - and it's very difficult to win. But one day, Paris Saint-Germain will win it."

Do the two matches against Chelsea last season have a special place in your career as a coach?
"Yes, absolutely. I experienced them from the touch line, from point-blank range. People will remember them for years to come. What we did a man down at Stamford Bridge will stay in the memory. There were other achievements in the past, and I hope there will be more in the years to come. In fact, I'm convinced there will be."

It was a crazy match… do you think that it effectively confirmed your footballing philosophy?
"A man down, you could still see that we were superior thanks to our philosophy, and we managed to qualify… I can assure you that it was amazing! I hope to relive nights like that one, it was a really amazing experience."

Can the coming match be considered the decisive one?
"Yes, indeed. You have two big clubs, with big players on the field. It will be very tight, just as it has been when we've met in the past. We've already beaten them, so why not do it again on Tuesday, with the support of our fans? They will have a huge role to play!"