What is your feeling after the extension of Laurent Blanc's deal?
"I'm very happy to see our coach continue with us for another two seasons. It was important to us that he be a continuing part of Paris Saint-Germain's plans. He has obtained excellent results since his arrival. He has already won eight trophies with us, which is quite simply formidable. Also, I like our team's playing style, a style that he has instilled. That's an aspect that counts a lot for me. The players respect him too; he has a incredible relationship with them. I've always had faith in Laurent Blanc, and never have I thought about hiring a coach other than him."

What objectives have you set for the coming seasons?
"Everyone knows that we want to win as many competitions as possible, the league mainly, and also go as far as possible in the Champions League. That's our great dream."

Speaking of which, a few days away from the clash with Chelsea, how is the frame of mind?
"It's our new Classico! I have a lot of respect for Chelsea. They are one of the best teams in Europe. They've won the Champions League. I have faith in my team and my coach. We're ready, even though matches at this level are never foregone conclusions. I hope to see our fans supporting us with as much fervor as possible for this huge European tie. Indeed, I want to see the Parc going crazy for this big match that awaits us!"