Zlatan, you received the UNFP Player of the Month award for November. How does that feel?
"I have already won it (September 2012, January, February, March 2014). It's proof that we're doing a good job. But more than winning this trophy, it means the team is playing well and that we're on the right track. When the team is playing well, it means the individuals are playing well. The team is really playing fantastically at the moment. I'm very happy to be a part of it. For every player, these individual trophies are a bonus. Obviously the team trophies are the most important, but if, at the end of my career, I have a room full of trophies, well that's not bad either!"

How do you judge the side's first half of the campaign?
"I think we have done magical things. We have had a fantastic first half of the season, and now the fun part begins... Now we need to be more than magic, so hopefully we will continue like we've been doing..."

Have you ever played in such a dominant team?
"Every team I've played in has been dominant, because I'm in it (laughs)! But we have built a very strong side in a very short space of time. I played for Barcelona in what was, in my opinion, the greatest team of all time. But we are very strong and very dominant in a very short period of time."

Is finishing the season undefeated an aim for the club?
"Absolutely. Why not? We are going for the all the records we can take, because we make the impossible possible... So that's something to think about."

Is the Champions League the most important trophy for the team now?
"Every trophy is important. We can't have just one aim, you must have several objectives. It helps the team stay focused. You can't just wait for February and the Champions League to start trying again. You have to be focused and serious every day in training. We want to win everything. It's going to be an exciting year. We had an historic 2014-15 with a quadruple that no-one had ever managed before. I said the first day I came here, I want to make history and today I can say I made history... But it's not finished here..."