You have an eight out of ten chance of qualifying for the semi-finals...
"It's not only about statistics. Tomorrow we'll be playing football and not thinking about those numbers, only about qualifying. We have the score from the first leg, and nothing else. We have managed to score in every single Champions League match so far this season - I think that's a more interesting statistic. We know it's not going to be an easy game for us, but we haven't come here to sit back and defend."

What type of match are you expecting from Chelsea?
"This Chelsea team is very compact defensively and that opens up a little space for the wide players such as Lavezzi. Chelsea will have to come out looking for goals to make up the two-goal deficit from the first leg. We haven't come here to sit back and let them play, so it will be the key to the match because Chelsea will also be looking to control the possession, with a very intense opening 20 minutes."

Are the club's ambitions now turned to the Champions League?
"Our goals are very ambitious. Domestically, we want to win everything. In the Champions League, a very, very competitive contest, Paris Saint-Germain hopes to win it one day. But there is a big gap between the standards of the Champions League and a domestic league."


Blaise Matuidi, how are approaching this match, knowing that another booking will see you miss an eventual semi-final?
"I have to put that completely out of my head and produce a big game to help the team qualify! Chelsea have a lot of quality and very rarely lose at home. Like in the first leg, they will look to press us high up the pitch. We need to play the ball out well and make the most of our chances. To qualify for the semi-finals would be exceptional for the club and for France. There are 90 minutes between us and the final four. The team is completely focused on the task at hand. The squad has a lot of experienced players and we want to show how good we are out on the pitch. Zlatan goals have been one of the highlights of this Champions League and we need to do everything to qualify so that he too can play in the semi-finals. Our squad has a number of great players, such as Edi Cavani, ready to make history."