Since Saturday in his native city, Becks has been working hard with members of the PSG coaching staff. After a first spell with compatriot Paul Clement, David has been getting back into tip top shape under the direction of club fitness coach Simon Colinet and physio Gaël Pasquer. He will join up with the rest of the squad next week at the club training complex in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Under the gaze of a few lucky onlookers, the former Manchester United star alternates between physical drills and ball work. The focused, but relaxed atmosphere seems to suit the former England skipper down to the ground: “Everything is going really well. I already feel a lot better than I did two weeks ago,” David Beckham told PSG.TV on Thursday. “We are working really hard and I like that. Simon and Gaël are doing a fantastic job. I’ve been training all this week and now I can’t wait to join up with the rest of the squad.”


The thought of returning to Paris in the next few days already brings back memories of his first day in the French capital as a PSG player and his presentation to the media and public:  “I was on a cloud! I received an extraordinary welcome. The president, Leonardo, the press, the fans… it was an incredible day. I will always remember signing my contract, but also meeting the fans for the first time, it really was a special moment.”

After more than an hour out on the pitch, followed by an improvised autograph session, David Beckham continued with an aquatic workout before finishing the long session with some stretching indoors. Before leaving the National Tennis Centre, the football star crossed paths with another British sporting icon in the form of US Open tennis champ Andy Murray.


The world number three and Olympic champion was in his backyard in Wimbledon and delighted to catch up with French football’s latest superstar.

“David will be a big help to the team thanks to his big match experience in the Champions League and in the English national team,” declared Andy Murray. “I’m convinced he’ll do well at Paris Saint-Germain.” After a long chat, the two players agreed on catching up again at the next PSG home game. David is impatient to immerse himself in his new club, his new team and see his new home stadium. “I can’t wait to meet all my new teammates and check out the Parc des Princes. There are some fantastic players in this team and I’m desperate to start training with them and work hard for the club. I hope to help them achieve their goals and every possible success in the near future.”