After last summer's 'Ibramania', it's time for 'Becksmania' in Paris as, on Thursday, David Beckham arrvied in Paris' 13th arrondissement for the traditional medical. Accpmanied by Dr Eric Rolland, the first-team doctor, PSG's new number 32 got his first indications that his huge media profile has not diminshed...

The medical over, the 37-year-old midfielder took a short break and gave his first impressions to PSG TV: "I'm very happy; Paris is an extraordinary city, obviously. Paris Saint-Germain is a club that's growing very fast and it's very exciting to be here. I'm very excieted to be part of a club that will win a lot of trophies."

Next it was off to the Parc des Princes, where the Englishman signed a five-month deal with Paris in front of all the club's major figures stakeholders.

Then to the Auditorium de la Porte d'Auteuil, which was full to bursting as the world's most popular Englishman entered under a barrage of flashes.

Like for the arrivla of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or more recently young gun Lucas, club president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi personally introduced the club's latest glamour signing: "We're very happy to welcome David Beckham to Paris Saint-Germain. He is joining us for the five months un til June 30. He has refused various offers from clubs all over the world, so we're very happy to count him among our number today. He's now a part of our big plans here - to become a major European club. He has always been very professional and will bring a lot of added value to the club."

As for the day's big hero, Beckham remained smiling, open and very comfortable in his new surroundings.

The other highlight of this very special daycame ten minutes after the press conference began, with an unprecedented announcement: the former England captain will play for the capital club for five months... for no pay.

Or rather, inspired by the club's community awareness and underlining his own desire to focus only on football, Beckham will donate his monthly salary to an charity that looks after children on a day-to-day basis. Unique, and truly benevolent.

As for the football, Becks can't wait to meet up with his new teammates - the Ibras, the Ménezes and Pastores - who will doubtless see first hand just how much a planetary football legend - and adept of trophy-winning - can bolster their side.

To wrap up his ten minutes of gala exposure, Beckham checked out the senior team's dressing room in an effort to familiarise himself with his new surroundings. He also found the time to give an exclusive interview to PSG's various media arms. He took a few steps on the pitch to immortalise the moment and then left under a huge ovation - throwing his very first jersey as an offering to the fans!