Salvatore, against Lille, you beat the record for the number of minutes played without conceding a goal by a Paris Saint-Germain 'keeper…
"I don't put too much emphasis on that. I think the praise should be directed to the whole team, and our defenders. It's the result of a lot of hard work. We play pretty attacking football, but being solid at the back is very important. Anyway, I don't go out on the pitch thinking about this record. I just think about giving my all for the team."

Have the changes in central defence - brought about by a string of injuries - bothered you?
It's not complicated for me because I know my teammates. I train with them every day and we prepare for the matches together. That's what makes us a solid side. No matter who it is who's playing, he knows what the work he needs to do is."

The team seemed very much in control in Decmeber... a little less so in January...
It's true that in December our play was more spectacular. Since the end of the winter break, we've been up against sides who have defended well. It;s much tougher to play against sides who defend well. It's also true that the break came just as we had really started to hit our straps."

After the wins over Bordeaux and Lille, do you think Paris Saint-Germain have gained some valuable experience?
"Perhaps, but those two matches were very different. We defended well in Bordeaux by blocking their flanks. We were well prepared even though it wasn't an easy match to play. Againsy Lille, it was different. We were luckier. In any case I hope that the experience we accumulated last season will hold us in good stead."

How are you approaching this clash with Toulouse?
"Well, it's an away game and the atmosphere is always pretty hostile down there. Toulouse are a side we know well. They can pose us problems because they have good players. They play some of the best attacking football in the league. We need to be wary of them, because they can be very dangerous in attack, with players who like to get into sapce and who can put us on the back foot."

With your good level of French, you seem to be making the transition from a new recruit to an old head. Do you think you're one of Paris Saint-Germain's symbols?
"There are other players who have been here longer than me. They are Paris Saint-Germain's history and continue to be important players for the team. I'm not a symbol, and we don't make distinctions between the older and the newer players. The fact that I speak French has led to my helping some of my teammates when they don't undertsand what's being said. It's no problem; I do it with pleasure."

What do you think of the standard of goalkeepers in France?
"There are ome very good keepers in this league, who always play well against us. But getting to the level of players like Lloris, Mandanda andCarrasso is difficult. Still, the others are very good and can still imrpove. For a goalkeeper, being consistent is very important. You can make mistakes, but you have to be able to bounce back."