Coach, how are you approaching this match against Porto?
"First place is up for grabs, so this is a very important match. Winning will almost certainly mean a better draw in the last 16. On Tuesday, it will be very important to play well, to look for the win, to get our confidence back. We need to focus on this match to finish top of the group and to do that we need to change our attitude on the pitch."

How do you plan to change the attitude?
"It means focalising on the little details. In recent matches, we haven't always demonstrated the right attitude and we have lacked concentration. We have lost easy possession and been caught out on the counterattack. We need to get back to winning ways."

Why is this match so important for you?
"It's important for two reasons. Firstly, to finish top of Group A. And secondly, this is a great opportunity to play against another great team that has a lot of experience, a chance to forget the Nice result and get some confidence and self-belief back."

Can criticism sometimes be a source of motivation?
"Sometimes criticism is warranted. I think everyone at Paris Saint-Germain is upset because we have not made a good start to the season in Ligue 1. We have lost three matches and are five points behind Lyon. Everyone wants things to change. When you are building a team, you will always have problems. But the championship is not over yet and we will be competitive and the club's other objective, qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions League has been achieved. That's very important. I think we have time to improve. We are focused on finding answers and we'll be competitive right to the very end, that's for sure."

Are you feeling any particular pressure ahead of this match? Is this the most difficult period of your career?
"No. There are always tough times. A coach's job is always looking to control and limit these periods. There is pressure ahead of this match, which is normal because the objective is an important one and we are not in our best form. But I think we will play well, I have a good feeling for this match."


Maxwell (Paris Saint-Germain defender)
"Every single match requires a maximum of concentration, especially when you are playing every three or four days. We have to put the past behind us and focus like we normally do on the next game if we hope to win. We will be fighting for first place in the group against Porto. Porto have a lot of experience in the Champions League, but we have experience too. This is an important match and we have to get a result. We have the opportunity to bounce back with a positive result against a very good side. We have to do our very best and give the maximum to try and get this top spot."