Zlatan, how are you approaching your new challenge with PSG?
"Before starting I'd first like to thank Paris Saint-Germain and the board in particular for making the impossible, possible. After a few days wait, the dream has become reality. I am aware of the expectation that comes with my signature. There is a superb sporting project in place here and I want to be a part of it, that's for sure. I'm here to win and I will savour every trophy I win with this club."

Why did you decide to continue your career at Paris Saint-Germain?
"I am very happy to have signed here, in Paris. It was a personal choice. This is a fantastic new challenge for me. I have already won a lot of things and I still want to win and I'm lucky enough to do something that makes people happy, playing football."

In your opinion, is PSG one of the top 5 clubs in Europe?
"Yes. With this sporting project, I'm joining a dream team and a team that will keep getting bigger. Paris is the future and I want to be part of it. I will be playing alongside some of the best players in the world. With Thiago Silva for example, no need to worry about the defence! Who wouldn't want to be part of this team? There aren't many teams on this level. Now it's up to us to prove it on the pitch. The interest in the French league is also going to grow and the dream is becoming the reality..."

What players do you already know in France?
"I don't know all my future opponents, but I'm here to win with my new team, alongside other great players. I repeat, I don't know a lot about Ligue 1, but the Ligue 1 knows who I am..."

How have the last few days been, until your signature on Wednesday?
"Right from the first contact with Paris, I knew I would be coming here. I was convinced. From that moment on, certain details can take longer than others and that's my agent's job. My job is to play football. It was intense, even more intense than when I signed for Barcelona, but I'm used to all these complications. Now I'm just looking forward to enjoying myself and I'm sure I will. This is the start of a dream team for French football, and the whole world."

How did your childhood, with different cultural influences contribute to the person your are today?
"My father is Muslim, my mother is Catholic, but none of that has anything to do with football. I received a special education. I'm me and football is a religion in its own right, and everyone is welcome..."

A word on your new home city of Paris?
"I've already come here two or three times with my wife. It's a fantastic city. Normally I come here for holidays or a weekend, and now I'll have the chance to live in this brilliant city. I'm sure this place has a lot to offer and can't wait to discover it."

You also do taekwondo. Where does this other passion of yours come from?
"I love martial arts, my father taught me everything. I really enjoy it, but I chose football because I was better at that. But you don't have to worry, I'm not that aggressive..."

Maxwell is a friend of yours.  Did his presence in the PSG squad play a role in your signature?
"Yes, Maxwell is a good friend. We're following each other because this is now the third club we will play in together, after Ajax and Barcelona. I speak with him regularly and he is one of the players that told me a lot of good things about the club. Another was Olivier Dacourt for example. But I was the one that made the final decision."